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April 2016: Bring on the Sunshine

April 2016 April 2016 box brought bold colors, clean lines, and warmth. DESIGN: LITTLE PRINT DESIGN You Are My Sunshine DESIGN: UNDERWOOD LETTERPRESS Congrats! DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH Flamingo Brights DESIGN: UNDERWOOD LETTERPRESS Manhattan Recipe DESIGN: LITTLE PRINT...

March 2016: Music to My Soul

March 2016 March 2016 box revolved around a fun and funky music theme, featuring bright colors and bold envelopes. DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH You Rock My World DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH Miss you more than mix tapes. DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH Hope your birthday rocks. DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH...

February 2016: Love and Thanks

February 2016 February 2016 box included 5 coordinating cards in a soft and simple love theme in honor of Valentine's Day. DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH We Make a Perfect Pair DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH Will You Be My Valentine? DESIGN: AQUA BIRCH You are one cool cat. DESIGN: AQUA...


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